by June 10, 2015

Story & photos by: Brittney Williams
Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

On March 27th we headed to Baton Rouge, LA for the 4th Annual Cajun Blowout All Harley Rally and Drag Nationals at State Capitol Raceway. The weather was perfect all weekend and the company of friends we had was great.

Come Saturday morning, all of the racers started the test and tune, we then knew it was going to be an intense day for finals on Sunday. With 13 records set for the weekend, Jim Doyle stood out to us as on a Nitro Funny Bike setting a speed record for 213.95mph in a quarter mile. Jim drove 31 hours from Chicopee, MA in his truck with his bike in a small utility trailer and showed these other big time racers how it’s done. When it came down to the final run for the championship Jim was up against Randal Andras from Amelia, LA. We just knew Jim had this win in the bag with every run he made. He was perfect all weekend, but he had some difficulties off the line and the championship was won by Randal Andras who ran 191mph / 6.817 seconds in a quarter mile. Still quite an impressive win.

Saturday evening a band played and everyone gathered to listen to the music and dance. Once the band finished playing my husband and I were ready to call it a night but when we made it back to the camp our neighbors were still up and from the sound of it really enjoying themselves. As soon as we were noticed, we were invited over to their party. From the moment we sat down we felt as if we had known these people a lifetime. Stacy and her husband Mike were great and fun to talk to. Although the life of the party had to be JD or “wounded duck” as he so often referred to himself that evening. I got a good dose of laughter while sitting over there. In fact I haven’t laughed that hard in a very long time. In the morning when I woke up my cheeks were still hurting.

When it was time to go we were not ready to leave at all. Instead of saying goodbye to our new friends we said “see you soon.” We left with some great memories of an amazing weekend of racing, awesome new friends, and the first sunburn of the season. We will definitely be back next year; I suggest you make it there as well!

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