by July 4, 2016

Story & photos by: Mama S, Guest Writer from Louisiana Biker Magazine
Urania, LA

Wednesday April 20, 2016 hundreds gathered in West (by God) Monroe to bid farewell to a Louisiana icon, Jimmy “Squirrel” Langston.

Squirrel was a former Army National Guardsmen, discharged in 1972. Before leaving for the Service, he was all about hot rods and racing. By the time he came home, his passion had turned to motorcycles.

He quickly became a beloved asset to the motorcycle community and stayed that way, even after his passing; from his 30+ years with the Satan’s Tramps, most of those as president of the Monroe chapter, to opening and running Squirrel&Sherry’s Cycle Shop.

“He was tight with his money, we all knew that, but he was so giving with his heart and his time”, especially when it was for the kids. The MDA Poker Run was his baby and through that he raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for them. He was also a recipient of the Ladies Humanitarian Am Vets Award and was honored in Washington, D.C. The only thing he was more passionate about was his beautiful wife Sherry, whom was always by his side. “I mean who else would name their bike shop after their wife?”

Pulling up to the church, watching the dark clouds steadily roll in, it was almost definite everyone was going to get soaked!

Even with the weather looming as it was, walking into the church, it was obvious the depth of love and respect this man held. There were hundreds of folks in attendance, from independents, some of the largest and smallest clubs in the state, to regular civilians and politicians.

During the service, stories full of admiration, respect, and laughter were shared by many.

“Now Squirrel was never a fan of saying “Goodbye” {on the telephone}, He’d say what he had to say and you got a “Later”…click!

His accomplishments and heart through his life were rivaled by very few.

“Not many people can say they’re known by only one name; you’ve got Cher, Madonna, Bono, and Squirrel.” This statement brought peals of laughter through the church and through the tears.

Squirrel was even a semi-famous TV star. He appeared on the show, Duck Dynasty, and also starred in a few commercials for Griffin Funeral Homes featuring the Motorcycle Hearse he designed for them.

After the service, as everyone was gathered outside waiting for the diverse group of pallbearers to get Squirrel mounted up for his last ride with Sherry, something happened that rocked this writer to the core.

As his flag-draped coffin was brought through the doors, those nasty black clouds parted, and the sun was shining bright.

This girl truly believes this was Squirrel Langston’s way of saying,


Cemetary Sky Coffin&Flowers Crowd Loading Hearse Loading Procession saluting Sherry