Bad Tattoo?

Bad Tattoo?

by March 12, 2015

Trails of Mississippi March 2015

Story & Photos by: George Peace

Grenada, Mississippi

Folks it’s been a rough winter in Mississippi. It’s mid February and it will be in the low teens tomorrow night. No road trip stories from me for this month; just too cold to ride. The story this month will be about something almost every Biker has and that is TATTOOS.
It used to be back in the 60’s and 70’s that the only people that had tattoos were Sailors and Bikers. Slowly over the years Tattoos became acceptable and today it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t have a Tattoo. You see 16 year old high school girls with tramp stamps walking with their grandmother who has a rose tattoo on her shoulder.
If you are about to get a tattoo, there is something you should think about. While getting that Killer Tattoo you always wanted, you also might get a Killer Virus that you don’t want. It’s called Hepatitis C. It’s a fatal blood virus that destroys the Liver. It’s similar to AIDS because you have to have blood transferences to catch it. There are no symptoms. You don’t even know you have it. The Virus locks onto the red and white blood cells. As the medication kills the virus, it also kills the blood cell that it’s attached to. You become tired and anemic. Side effects from the medicine are: headaches, upset stomach, low energy and you can become angry and depressed. I speak from experience. I’ve had Hep C for 15 years. I’ve been through 4 treatments that didn’t work and I’m on my 5th treatment now. I’ve been on it for a month and have 5 months to go. Hopefully it will work this time. If you test positive and decide to be treated, be sure you have a good doctor to guide and support you through your treatment.
Think before you get a tattoo and don’t put yourself in my situation. Go to a Licensed Tattoo Shop. You will pay more but you won’t take a Viral Hitchhiker home with you. I made the mistake of getting a tattoo done at a neighbor’s house and it’s been haunting me for 15 years.
Hep C wasn’t even discovered until 1988. So if you had a blood transfusion before 1988, please get tested. If you have a Tattoo that is questionable, GET YOUR BLOOD TESTED. A low estimation is 200,000 people in every state are walking around and don’t know they are infected. The old treatments were pills every day and an injection of interferon once a week. The new treatment is just 7 pills a day and no needles. The side effects aren’t half as bad. Thank God for the Veterans Hospital in Jackson , Mississippi and the excellent care I received from the Oncology Clinic .
So if you have any doubts about a Tattoo you have, PLEASE GET YOUR BLOOD TESTED.
Think Twice the Life You Save Might Be Your Own.
Springtime is just a month away and then We Ride.

Happy Trails To You
Until We Meet Again

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