Bloody Sunday in Waco Texas

by June 11, 2015

Bloody Sunday in Waco Texas
By: Constance M. Drew
Round Rock, Texas

**Our sincere condolescence and sympathy goes out to the families and friends of those who died and were injured during this tragedy.**

Sunday, May 17, 2015 will go down in history books as a day that changed lives for many; in particular those of us who own, ride or support motorcycles. Just before noon at Twin Peaks in Waco Texas where police were already on the scene, a brawl between rival Motorcycle Clubs spilled into the parking lot where a S.W.A.T. team opened fired to end it. Nine lives were immediately taken with another 18 being wounded. News reports vary as to who started it, who shot first, how many were armed and who actually took the fatal shots. Autopsy reports state all nine died from gunshot wounds from the abdomen to the head and ruled homicide. 170 people were arrested for murder and placed in jail with a 1 million dollar bond each. Waco was shut down as it reveled from the shock. Social media buzzed with the latest interviews and reports of what is being called the “Waco Massacre”.

News reports were blasting how 170 people came to Waco to kill. This occurred at a scheduled Confederation of Clubs and Independent Riders meeting where motorcycle clubs gather from around the state to discuss motorcycle rights and legislation. Various clubs including christian motorcycle, child protective and leisure riding attend these to support their rights. Yes, it does include other clubs as well, but this is historically a PEACEFUL NEUTRAL setting where clubs lay their personal differences aside, remain neutral and come together for the good of the whole. They are NOT looking to murder or to have international attention drawn upon them. I have attended these meetings. Yet, everyone who attended on Sunday was arrested for murder. Really? Where was the intent to satisfy this?

Twin Peaks in Waco lost their liquor license first, then their franchise. It has been announced by Twin Peaks corporate that they have suspended all bike related events at their establishments and encourage franchises to do the same. One establishment in Texas that has hosted COCIR meetings peacefully for two years announced they can no longer do so.

There are now Gun Right advocates jumping on the bandwagon wanting stricter background checks. Waco has several businesses still closed including the police order shutdown of the Harley Davidson there. Streets around Twin Peaks are still closed and there is mandatory NO MOTORCYCLES ALLOWED on the streets of Waco with snipers staked out on building tops, as law enforcement fears retaliation. The borders between Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, New Mexico and Mexico are being closely monitored with checkpoints for traveling motorcyclists, all right at Memorial Day weekend.

This tragedy affects all of us on a larger scale. Lives were lost. Blood was shed. Families, friends and brothers ripped apart. Folks who had no prior criminal record are now considered murderers. Those who ride a motorcycle are considered a thug (as quoted by several media sources). Businesses lost, jobs lost, trust lost and unfortunately, I fear the list will go on.

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For Immediate Release

Date:            May 18, 2015

Contact:      Richard Lester,

National Coalition of Motorcyclists, 1 (800) 662-2453

The Confederation of Clubs Deeply Saddened by May 17, 2015 Waco, Texas Motorcycle Club Incident at a local Confederation of Clubs meeting

 The National Coalition of Motorcyclists and all of its local affiliates are deeply saddened by the incident that occurred on May 17, 2015, and are praying for those involved and their families. Immediately prior to the start of a Texas affiliate’s monthly meeting, a motorcycle club that was NOT a member of the Confederation of Clubs arrived with over 50 people and attacked members of the Confederation.

The National Coalition of Motorcyclists and its local affiliates are dedicated to peacefully promoting and protecting Constitutional rights, promoting fair treatment of its members by law enforcement, educating its members on current laws, open and peaceful communications between clubs, conflict mediation, and supporting various charitable endeavors. We are grieving.