Bubbles and her Harley

Bubbles and her Harley

by June 11, 2015

Story & photos by: Susan Udero
Mescalero, New Mexico

I grew up with 8 sisters and 2 brothers; I was the fifth born child. Growing up was not exactly picture perfect in the manner that my dad was a bit violent towards my mom. I feel like my childhood was stripped away from my sisters and me. My life began in a dysfunctional environment, and I realized I was different from the other children in my class. I was harassed in elementary and used my fist to settle my problems. I was always fighting with my 2-year-old younger sisters. My older sister had a better relationship with them compared to me. One of my younger sisters and I fought blood in and out.  We later in our teens we promised never to brawl again.

I always dreamt of being away from my home and many times thought of running away and not facing my feelings. I had no one to look up to or talk to about my strenuous childhood. I became a very angry little girl. I was bullied in school and took matters into my own hands. I once fought with a girl that was in a so called gang. I was known as ROCKY after that incident and the bullying completely stopped. I had no one to hear my cries or listen to my thoughts, dreams or my lack of plans for my future. I would sit on top of the roof and watch the bikers go by, I realized in my heart right then that I wanted to be a biker.

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