David Rides Again!

David Rides Again!

by October 2, 2014

Save a Limb, Save a Life
Story & Photos by: Angie Tesino – wife, Cody Bonds of American Cruisers MC – friend, James Groulx – brotherslsl_ds5
Deatsville, AL

slsl_ds7David Tesino has made a remarkable recovery since being involved in a near fatal motorcycle accident where a driver not paying attention t-boned him on his bike. While he still has a very long road ahead, he has made incredible progress so far. Since the accident, he has been fitted with a basic prosthetic leg. He is currently in the process of healing, and doing exercises so he can move into a microprocessor leg. The microprocessor leg will allow him to walk easier, return to a somewhat normal lifestyle, and hopefully allow him to go back to work.

slsl_ds6Since his accident, he has not been able to return to work. Unable to drive his truck, he was let go from the company as a result of the accident. Since then, his brother James and his wife have been there for David, his wife, and their four children as much as possible.

David was a smoker when his accident occurred but by recommendation of the doctor and medical staff, he was strongly urged to quit as it could interfere with the healing of his leg. He has since stopped smoking and has chosen to use an electronic form, known as vaping. His doctor agrees that this is a much healthier alternative. He has since sent his story to different companies that make and sell e-cigarette products, such as e-liquids, in an effort to help others learn about this safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. He and his friend Cody, have also started a Facebook page Motorcycle Saftey Driver Awareness and a YouTube channel called Vape Leg Review, where they test and review various alternatives to smoking cigarettes. While neither of these new ventures provide any monetary gain for Tesino, it does help him stay busy while he is in the process of healing from his accident.

slsl_ds8If you would like to learn more about David or his story, please take a few minutes to view his video from High 5 Productions regarding his story and how it pertains to rider’s safety. Also, please take the time to follow him on Facebook and YouTube to learn more about Vape Leg Reviews and Motorcycle Safety Driver Awareness.

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