Easter Sunday with Pastor T

Easter Sunday with Pastor T

by April 3, 2015

Story by: Pastor T Lobell
Livingston, Louisiana

EASTER has always been a special time for me. I remember as a little boy waking up early and running to see what was in the basket delivered by the Easter Bunny. Then my mom getting me all dressed up for church. It was hard to sit still knowing that as soon as services were over we would be going to Grandpa and Grandma’s house for lunch but more importantly the hunting of eggs.

I have passed this tradition down to my children and now grandchildren. But honestly I still get a little restless on Easter Sunday sitting in service knowing the egg hunt is next.

Easter over the years has taken on a whole new meaning to me because I now honor this day as Resurrection Sunday. This means celebrating the remembrance of my Savior defeating sin, death and the grave by His resurrection on the third day and offering a new life to all who will believe.

For me it is a reminder that I can have new life and I’m not eternally bound by the circumstances or situations of yesterday. I can start over and be free from the things that may have trapped me. I have a saying “I can because He did”.

So this Easter Sunday, I will get up early go to the living room look for my basket hoping there is a chocolate Easter Bunny and Golden Eggs. Put on my leather and chains, slide my leg over my Harley CVO and head to church. I will offer praise while celebrating the new life I have because of the Resurrection Power within me.

But as soon as I hear amen, I’m off to hunt eggs.

I pray that this Easter you will experience the same hope, freedom and new life that His Resurrection offers to all who believe.

I Believe.

Pastor T