Getting Back on the Bike

Getting Back on the Bike

by December 1, 2014

gh5Story & photos by: George Huckabee Ridgeville, South Carolina

When I was hit on my motorcycle on April 3rd 2010, my foot was de-gloved and was hanging on by two muscles and a one inch piece of skin. It never crossed my mind that I wouldn’t ride again.

After consulting with the doctors, it was decided that they would try and save my foot and put an external fixture on it. After 33 days in the hospital, I went home and with the support of my then girlfriend and now wife, I started looking for another bike. One month later I found a Honda 1800vtx custom low-rider even though I couldn’t ride it yet. I started out getting up and on crutches to make my way to the garage and just sit on it and crank it up.

This went on for about two months, and then I started looking at a way to change the gears. After four months they removed the hardware from my leg so I started trying to get a shoe on my foot which I was able to do with my mouth. I started out riding around the neighborhood and changing gears with the back of my foot. The more I rode, the easier it got.

Unfortunately my foot wasn’t healing, so on March 25th 2011; I made the decision to have my low left leg amputated. This was just another obstacle that i laughed at. Two months after my amputation I was back on my beautiful motorcycle riding again and still changing the gears with the back of my foot with no special attachments added.

I have had no physical therapy; just my bike and determination. I feel that if you keep a positive attitude, anything is possible in life.

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