Hand Prints to Heart Throb

Hand Prints to Heart Throb

by November 9, 2014

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Handprints to Heart Throb…Daddy’s Lil’ Girl Story & photos by Screwie Louie New Orleans Louisiana

Well people, there is no better feeling than riding you own child on your bike. Of course, at first, I was nervous as hell, but I couldn’t let her see that. So I put her up front of me, put one foot on the primary, one on the carb, and put her hands on the tank. I actually got her handprint from that very first ride! I put the mirrors on her so I could see her reaction and she was all smiles! I was actually with the LA Riders, New Orleans chapter back then; I am now retired from the club but my heart is still there.

So I asked my lil’ girl to tell ya’ll about how it made her feel to ride with her dad and this is what she said: “I remember the first bike ride with my dad. I was nervous, afraid, but excited all at the same time. I remember going around the neighborhood and just riding around every time my dad would come and visit. Though I don’t remember most of my rides when I was really little, I cherish the moments I do remember. Up until this day, I still love riding the bike with my dad. Now that I live with him, I ride the bike all the time, every day. Bike rides are something I need in my life now. It just clears my mind off everything and thinking about nothing but how amazing it feels to be on the bike. Actually, when I’m old enough to learn how to start driving I don’t wanna learn how to drive a car I wanna learn how to drive a motorcycle. Motorcycles aren’t just a weekend thing for me anymore. It’s a part of my life.”

Well this daddy sure is proud I have my daughter full time now. She is 15 going on 35 of course but she will always be my lil’ girl. People say bikers are bad people. Well they must know the wrong bikers because me seeing the smile on her face every day tells me different. Don’t believe me, stop into Brad’s Westbank Tattoo one day, and ask her yourself. Her name is Allusion Kailey and I am proud to be her daddy…Forever True.