Harley Throne

Harley Throne

by April 3, 2015

Story & photos by: John Gleason
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

With the job being a plumber, at the end of the day, I can come home very dirty.

So when we decided to add a two car garage to the property, I decided a shower for my dirty days after work was a good idea.
That single shower became a full bathroom from the inspiration of home improvement TV shows. Because of my fondness of Harley Davidsons and motorcycle themed TV shows, I chose a Harley theme for the added bathroom.

The walls are painted to match the “Harley Davidson orange”. I added a Harley ceiling fan, a Harley-Shield shower curtain, Harley logo towels and floor rugs. I even came across a H-D bath robe in flames.

The more than forty die-cast motorcycles are all replicas of real Harley motorcycles and no two are alike. I purchased them from bike rally’s I attended and various websites and then built shelves to display them all.

My favorite piece is artwork of “Sam’s Place”, because it shows so much attention to detail and is very nostalgic. It is a signed original by the artist Dave Barnhouse. It was done prior to 2004, during the earlier time period Mr. Barnhouse had a licensing contract with Harley Davidson.

And finally, I hope my wife doesn’t find out how much I spent!