Life doesn’t stop after an accident

Life doesn’t stop after an accident

by June 11, 2015

Story & photography by: Brittney C. Williams
Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

Eight years ago John Knazs was having a typical day at work. He was working for a trucking company loading some lumber. His life changed drastically when he slipped off a tarp and fell thirteen feet landing on his back snapping it in half. He is now a paraplegic and had to learn how to do everything he found joy in, in a different way.

He knew then that he wanted to create something to be used for good therapy and to inspire others like him. He began his search. It wasn’t until a trip to Gloster, MS where he would really know what he was looking for. While he was visiting his friends, John happened to see a 1956 International pickup sitting in the woods with trees grown around it. He knew this would be it. The first thought that came to mind reminded him of being on the farm when he was young.  He also remembered that his neighbor had a similar truck. It was an excellent opportunity for him to make something like it.

With the help of his neighbor Robert Murphy, they chopped the body of the truck four inches narrowing and shortening it. Robert also helped set the body on a 1998s 10 frame. The rest of the work was done by John himself. The truck had a 490 Ford engine with a c6 transmission. He put all the hand controls in, and installed a lift for his wheelchair.

John enjoys taking his truck to local car shows because it shows people that being a handicap is not a hindrance it can be done. Life isn’t over after an accident, one can still enjoy most of the things you are used to, you just have to make a few adjustments.

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