National Council of Clubs Announces Unified Protest Against Motorcycle Profiling

National Council of Clubs Announces Unified Protest Against Motorcycle Profiling

by July 4, 2016

Story & photo provided by: David “Double D” Devereaux (NCOC Spokesperson)
Tacoma, Washington

The National Council of Clubs held a press conference at Shamrock Cycles in Austin, Texas on May 17, 2016, the 1st Anniversary of the tragedy in Waco, to announce a National Protest Against Motorcycle Profiling and Discrimination to take place at the ROT Rally in Austin, June 9-12.

Representatives from motorcycle clubs across the country met in Austin to present a unified voice in defense of the community.  Motorcycle profiling is a national epidemic impacting motorcyclists coast to coast.  There is a well-established pattern of evidence proving law enforcement consistently targets individuals for no other reason than their appearance or membership in a motorcycle club.

These clubs are a microcosm of America, comprised of riders from all walks of life. In attendance were Christian clubs, Military Veterans clubs, Clean and Sober clubs, Child Abuse Assistance Clubs, 1% clubs, and riding clubs reflective of the rich culture and history of our country and the multitude of personal interests available to us all.

Significantly, representatives of many national organizations vilified by law enforcement and the media were represented and standing together projecting a unified voice and agreement on the issue of discrimination and profiling. This press conference was also tangible proof that clubs that allegedly do not associate with each other can peacefully come together and unify around common ground issues that impact the entire community.

Double D explained, “To be clear, the National Council of Clubs does not speak for any one club or on behalf of any one club. The NCOC represents the collective voice of the community united around the idea that membership in motorcycle clubs and expression of that membership should be fundamentally protected by the 1st Amendment and not used as a profiling factor.”

Speakers presenting at the press conference were David “Double D” Devereaux (NCOC Spokesperson), Brent Coon (NCOC legal advisor and Waco Civil defense), Susan Criss (former Texas District Court judge and Waco criminal defense), Dr. Will Dulaney (Ph.D. International Security and qualified expert witness), Frank McIlhaney (Shield of Faith Ministries and Waco AID) and Wade Eldridge (Colorado COC and NCOC attorney).

The NCOC chose the 1st Anniversary of Waco to announce a national protest. “The suffering of innocents at the hands of law enforcement and the criminal justice system in Waco is an outrageous example of the motorcycle profiling epidemic. The 1st anniversary of this tragedy is an appropriate time to bring attention to the civil rights deprivations occurring in Waco and the rest of the country.”