Out West from Louisiana Part One

Out West from Louisiana Part One

by July 5, 2015

Story by: Tim Travis
Tim Travis (Ethel, LA), Kerwin Ross (Wilson, LA), Randy Maglone (Slaughter, LA) and Dewayne Miller (Slaughter, LA)

On May 24,2015 me and 3 longtime Biker Buddy’s; Kerwin Ross, Randy Maglone and Dewayne Miller decided to embark on a journey of a lifetime.We rode out approximately 5:00 pm which was literally in the sunset.

We rode hard from Louisiana to New Mexico. Our first real stop was Farmington New Mexico. I chose that stop because I was told by some family members that my Great Great Grandfather was buried there, though no one knew where. We started asking people where the local cemeteries were. They pointed us in the direction of the Green Lawn Cemetery. We walked in the gate and told someone that I was looking for a grave of a man that died in the 1920s. They pointed us in the direction of where he would be buried if here. Believe me, it was a huge cemetery, yet when we walked to that area, I walked right to his grave.

The next day we traveled through the Navajo Indian Nation to Monument Valley; then to Four corners where we took in all the sights. After we left Four Corners, we traveled on to Page Az. where we stayed the night.

On we traveled to the north rim of the Grand Canyon (Grand Canyon National Park) where Randy and Kerwin took in the view. We enjoyed the night in Jacob Lake Utah at the Jacob Lake inn.

Once more, we fueled up and headed out on a journey to Las Vegas Nevada. It was a super hot 100 degrees when we rolled into our destination. We reserved us a room at the Golden Nugget on Fremont Street and enjoyed the Fremont experience.

After our Fremont fun, we traveled a short distance to Beatty Nevada; right at the entrance to Death Valley. We decided to stay the night there for two reasons. First, we were tired and second, we  wanted to start our journey through Death Valley early to try and beat the heat. We had a great time in Beatty though. Met lots of friends at the local watering hole and got the rest that we needed.
The following morning we started across Death Valley and realized very quick that our plan to beat the heat didn’t turn out like we wanted it to. By 11:00 a.m. it was a whopping 111 degrees!  But we rode on and dealt with the heat.

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