Pearl Harbor Day Troop Train Los Angeles California

Pearl Harbor Day Troop Train Los Angeles California

by December 1, 2014

phdtt_mr_mrs_conductor247x3  Bill and Debbie Hatrick invite you aboard their vintage STREAMLINER – era passenger cars for your special event entertaining. Take this trip from Los Angeles to San Diego or San Diego to Los Angeles and return.

Help us salute our Guests of Honor, the brave Veterans who were there when Pearl Harbor erupted in flames, on December 7th, 1941. This is a rare opportunity to share the personal stories of these brave battle survivors. Hear it just as they lived it.

These spirited men and women are now in their golden years, and growing fewer in numbers, daily. Sadly, we are now losing our W.W.II Veterans at an alarming rate … over 1000 a day. That means, the W.W.II era is quickly coming to an end. This is your opportunity to join us as we honor these wonderful patriots, to thank them for the freedoms we enjoy today.

This patriotic excursion is dedicated to all W.W.II veterans and those who served on the home-front. They demonstrated courage, strength of character and determination to win, while serving and sacrificing in their fight to defend freedom and our Republic. These should be our Heroes!

vets_tshirts_thRelive the styles and trends through the always popular and colorful W.W.II re-enactors, portraying civilian and military personnel of the 1940s era. Their vintage civilian attire and authentic military uniforms help to enrich the theme and delight you, our passengers. You’ll love the personal narratives of the historic individuals they portray.

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