Ride for the Rescue

by February 9, 2015

Ride for the Rescue
Story & Photos by: Robert “TuTu” Foreman

What started out to be a “chili” early October morning, October 10th, 2014 turned into a day for the books. 59 Poker hands were sold to raise money for abused horses. Mr. Tim Travis started a non-profit organization named “Equine Advocates of the Feliciana’s” 3 years ago. He started when a 10 month old colt found on a piece of property in East Feliciana. The Sherriff’s department was trying desperately to locate someone to take and attempt to nurse him back to health. The young colt was very malnourished and in desperate need of help. He got the call from a friend knowing he had horses and possibly help. He agreed and brought the young horse home, but the colt died about 10 hours later under his carport. After contacting the Sherriff’s department, they began an investigation that he assisted in, leading to the arrest of the horse’s owner. The horse owner was charged with felony animal cruelty.

People found out Mr. Travis did this due to it appearing on local news stations and started calling him to check on horses here and there.”I didn’t think it was a real problem but would check anyway.” “Well it was.” He would find these horses in the woods tied to trees, that ate all the bark off the tree because that’s all they could reach to eat. These horses weren’t lasting but a couple days being too weak to recover. Through the D.A.’s office with the help of the Sherriff’s office he has been able to rescue near 30 horses, with over half of them saved. He is working with hopes in getting some laws changed giving stiffer penalties for offenses of animal abuse. Mr. Travis did say “I’m in the horse rescue business, but my hope is never to rescue another. Laws have to get stiffer to be able to do that.”

This was the second event he has held with the first being a Barrel Race in New Roads. He also rides motorcycles and was out at Twin Peaks one night for bike night when a friend of his said “man you should host a poker run”. Amazed he never thought of that before, he talked to the owner of his local bar “Teddy’s Juke Joint” who was more than happy to be the host location. It grew from there to the event it was today. With all the bikes, people, auction, great blues music and Jambalaya, Teddy’s was a great place to have this event. The poker run was well planned out with signs out at the road for the stops, family friendly locations and great back roads you just have to ride to believe. I’ll be watching for another and can recommend you do too.

If you see a horse in bad need of help in the Feliciana’s along with St. Helena when needed, you can email Tim at, or if it’s an emergency you can call him at (225) 721-1362.