Ride with the Angels Billy “Drummer Boy” and Jerry “Worley Bird”

Ride with the Angels Billy “Drummer Boy” and Jerry “Worley Bird”

by April 3, 2015

Story & photos by: Stacey “Snoopy” Conly
Loggy Bayou, Louisiana

March 22, 2014 will be forever burned in the minds and in the hearts of a huge group of friends. On this day we met in Crowley, LA for a brother’s Last Ride. Billy “Drummer Boy” Abshire was a biker & trucker who had lost his valiant battle with Cancer. Another brother of ours, Randy Hooper came from the Baton Rouge area with a new friend, 29 year old Jerry Worley. We quickly took to Worley Bird and he became a part of our group of brothers and sisters. He also earned our respect when he took over the job as blocker and, I might add, handled it like a pro.

Afterwards a few of us went to Cajun Harley, then next door to eat. During this time we got to know our Worley Bird pretty well; in just one day it felt as if we had known him for a lifetime. A few of us have kids close to his age and we took him under our wings. One thing we learned that day was he had 3 children, the youngest not even 1 year old. He was not only a father, but a husband, son, grandson, nephew, brother, friend to many; a Christian who spoke to us of his absolute faith, and the list goes on.

After we had finished our meal and visiting, I ran back into Cajun Harley to drop something off while Hoop and Worley Bird waited for me to come back so I could get my goodbye hugs.

We all went our separate ways after saying our goodbyes, and went on to have more good times that evening while Hoop and Worley Bird headed east.

We were never to see Worley Bird again.

They were approximately 5 miles from home when a “distracted” 19 year old woman hit them both, Jerry died instantly while Hoop’s back and foot were broken and his knee injured was as well.

We went to say goodbye to one brother, lost one, and another was severely injured.

This didn’t have to happen and it shouldn’t have happened. Please don’t text and drive. So many lives other than just yours are being affected.

Billy and Jerry now watch over us as we ride. Every time we leave the driveway we know we are riding with the Angels. These two are members of the Angels that help keep us safe: Billy “Drummer Boy” and Jerry “Worley Bird”.