Riders of the Storm

Riders of the Storm

by November 9, 2014

Story & photos by: Kevin Cuttill Mississippi

My wife got deployed for “at least” 9 months so I decided to take a ride north to Alaska. I submitted the paperwork for my passport; however, to this date I still have not received it.  I am neither felon nor terrorist (by Webster dictionary definition anyway).  I rode the 48 states of this country instead. I did stop off in Kevin MT, just for the sake of seeing what my town was like!  Never been in Kevin

before but I had seen it on a map in high school and always said one day I would stop in there – well, I did! During this ride I encountered some of the worst weather ever in my days of riding not to mention I also had a heart attack while cutting through Illinois and had 2 stents put in. The Dr. told me 2 weeks bed rest. I told him 4 days, which is when I had my follow up and (like I told him) I left on my trip right after it.  As I cut through Nebraska I hit the storm that produced numerous tornados – including the two that tore up Pilger NE.  The hail storm busted up my headlight and I got a few bruises from it but lived to tell the story.  That was just the beginning of my bad weather as it seemed to chase me across the country and back home.

I would estimate of the six and a half weeks I rode this country that I was dry for only 9 days! I love this country and riding it is the best way to go!  I had purchased a patch of the outline of this country and blackened in each state as I rode it – the patch is all blacked out now!

bike loaded n ready to roll IMG_3171 KEVIN Mt making care package for wife storm with hail stormy midwest