Save a Limb, Save a Life – George Huckabee

Save a Limb, Save a Life – George Huckabee

by November 9, 2014

Story & photos by: George Huckabee Ridgeville, SC

On April 3 2009 my life changed forever. While riding my motorcycle on a not so busy road I came to a stop light and when it turned green, I started off. When I got to the light, out of the corner of my eye, I could see a small car doing a U-turn coming right at me. Not having a lot of time to react it was either get hit head on or make an evasive move. I slid my bike sideways and my left foot was crushed between the car bumper and my bike. I thought my back tire exploded because of the loud noise I heard. It was my foot not my tire, but I managed to stay on the bike for about 50 yards, finally bailed off and did the old tuck and roll method that probably saved my life. When I finally stopped tumbling, I ended up in a ditch with my foot hanging on my 2 muscles and 1 inch of skin. Unbelievably, nothing was broken. My foot was degloved but luckily an off duty nurse and cop were there almost before I stopped rolling. An 82 year-old woman was driving the car and she was a shook up but not hurt. I forgave her at the scene of the accident. My now ex-wife decided for me that it would be best to attempt to save the foot forcing me to keep it for one year. I was in the hospital for 33 days and bought another motorcycle one month after my release. That became my therapy, just to sit on it and crank it. I started riding with my bum foot 3 months later but it just would not heal so on March 25, 2010 I made the decision to have my foot amputated. Now I ride all the time by using the back of my prosthetic to change gears. Life has been difficult for me since the wreck but I know it has made me a better person, LIFE GOES ON…

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