Save a Limb, Save a Life – Ronnie “Casanova” and Kathi “Cougar” Lee

Save a Limb, Save a Life – Ronnie “Casanova” and Kathi “Cougar” Lee

by December 1, 2014

K & R 7Story & Photos submitted by: Ronnie “Casanova” and Kathi “Cougar” Lee

Wetumpka, Alabama

The accident was just before noon on Sunday, 11/02/14 on hwy. 231 south in Wetumpka, Al. We were on our way to meet up with our PMA (Predators Motorcycle Association) family for our weekly Sunday lunch ride. As we approached the intersection in front of the Wetumpka Walmart, we were in the left lane and an older model Hyundai Sonata (black with dark tinted windows) was just ahead of us in the right lane. As we get to the light, it turns yellow but we were all too close to safely stop. The car in the right lane cuts in front of us & slams on brakes at which time I hit the brakes & move into the middle space in between the left lane & the turn. All would have been fine but the car also moved over into the center on us, caused us to go down, then fled the scene & was never found.

My wife & two witnesses said it appeared to be intentional but I guess we will never know. My wife said I did all I could to avoid the accident & was able to maneuver the bike in a way to allow her to jump off before it went down. We had talked about this scenario many times because she has had total knee replacement in both knees a few years ago & was currently recovering from rotator cuff surgery.

I’m not even positive we hit the car unless my front tire hit it because we would have hit the left rear back or side but there was no damage to the right of the bike nor were the forks or front fender bent. We had friends & PMA family show up on the scene who said my wife was lying in the road because she was hurting too bad to get up. They said I gave a report & all my information to the police, told the paramedics about my wife’s recent shoulder surgery & a few minutes later I looked at one of my PMA sisters & asked her what we were doing there & who went down. We were taken to the hospital by ambulance & both ended up in ICU.

Kathi (my wife) had multiple broken ribs & a lacerated spleen. They gave her 2 units of blood & prepped her for surgery but luckily the bleeding slowed way down & they said it looked like it was going to heal on its own. They kept her in ICU that night, moved her to a room Monday morning & released her to go home on Wednesday, 11/05/14.use flyer

I had a concussion, lacerated kidney & bruised ribs. I was kept in ICU until Monday night when I was moved to a regular room & released to go home on Friday, 11/07/14. We have both been home ever since trying to heal up from our injuries which at our age seems to be taking forever. My wife will be working from home for at least another week but I’m going to try to go back tomorrow, 11/17/14 & do what I can.

What I’ve noticed a lot is that there is never any coverage on bike accidents by the local media. This was ruled a hit & run so there should have at least been coverage in the local paper. If the police really wanted to find the car, maybe put the story on the local news with a description of the car & number to call with any information.

Ride Safe!

Ronnie Lee

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