Saying “I do” Biker Style

Saying “I do” Biker Style

by December 1, 2014

Lance and Kelly’s Wedding Day

Story & Photos by: Robert “TuTu” Foreman Zachary, Louisisana

During the Breast Cancer Awareness Ride held on October 18th, at our second stop; we got the biggest surprise of the whole ride. Unknown to the soon to be Mrs. Blackwell and most of the people there, a plan was coming together to unite two wonderful people into Holy Matrimony. The Maid of Honor was there all morning setting up for a surprise wedding and the best man was riding with us! The bride had no clue as to the events unfolding, so she was caught completely off guard by the news she was getting married right then and there.

Weddings are always special, but to watch this unfold on such a beautiful day filled with so much pink would put a tear in the eye of the strongest person out there. Chaplain Jonathan McAlister did an amazing job with those special words of truth, wisdom, and blessings as he united Mr. and Mrs. Blackwell. You see, I went to school with Mr. Blackwell years ago, and we haven’t seen too much of each other over the last 15 years; just the way life goes sometimes. So to be there and witness this union was a blessing in itself.

To see the Love Lance has for Kelly and the ceremony planned to full detail without her knowing about it, well the look in her eyes said it all. Two special people, united on a very special day, made it that much more unforgettable for all who where there. So I say CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. Lance Blackwell and Mrs. Kelly Blackwell. May that bright flame of love you have for each other burn bright through the rest of your lives.