Smoke, Wind, and Fire…. And Rain

Smoke, Wind, and Fire…. And Rain

by June 13, 2015

Story & photos by: Brittany Williams
Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

On April 25th at No Problem Raceway in Belle Rose, LA the first annual Smoke, Wind, and Fire had a little rain, okay a lot of rain. But it was unsuccessful in putting out the fire. In fact, it made it a little more exciting for the rat rodders to play in the mud. I was even able to catch a ride with the ‘Crab Killa’ (sorry Crab, don’t be mad) and get a little dirty. Boy was it fun!

If you left because the rain started, you missed a good show. I suggest next time to put on your Cajun Reeboks and have some fun! I promise you won’t melt. And if you missed the show completely, take a look at all the fun you missed!

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