Southern Steel launches forward with new Summer Look

Southern Steel launches forward with new Summer Look

by June 3, 2015

Publisher’s Letter
Constance M. Drew
Southern Steel Publisher

Folks, welcome to our June issue of Southern Steel! As you may notice, we are going through a few changes in the way the magazine looks, getting a bit thicker and growing a heck of lot more popular! Thank you to all of those who are following us, recommending us to others, supporting us and appreciate that we are here for you. We are now proud Sponsors of the Crab Who Freestyle Budget Build Rat Rod and the Wild Pig Pipes Racing Team.

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We want to extend our sincere sympathy to the families and friends of the recent Waco shooting and the many others deeply affected by this tragedy. We shared as much as we could with you on Facebook where we try to keep you informed of the latest happenings. Bikers as a whole are incredibly giving and caring people. We will strive harder to make sure that we promote that to the public.

To the many fathers out there, enjoy your Father’s Day.

Kickstands up and motors revved,

Southern Steel Staff