Start Your Engines…

Start Your Engines…

by April 3, 2015

Gentlemen and ladies… Start Your Engines, the checkered flag has dropped, its springtime. Let’s Ride. Every weekend there will be two or three Events, Poker Runs or Rides going on. Let Southern Steel Magazine be you ride guide. We will post events every month so follow the magazine, and stay on top of all the upcoming events in your area.

Well folks it’s been 75 degrees here for the last two days. The Sun is shining and it’s such a welcome relief after this rough winter of ice and snow.

I went on my first run of the season last weekend. The Dream Riders had a poker run at the Backwoods Bar, Enid Lake. It was cloudy and rainy, so I didn’t get any pictures but it was a good run and was well attended by all the local clubs in the area.

Later that evening I had a wild ride home in the rain and fog. I pulled into Wrights Grocery (Local Watering Hole), parked my bike, got off of it, took one step backwards and watched the bide roll two inches forward and fall over.

The kickstand didn’t lock and when you’re cold and wet, strange things like that tend to happen. It broke my clutch lever and the lever housing. I located all the pieces and with the help of Mr.JB Weld, it was glued back together.

It’s been a long winter and I know we all have cabin fever, but take the time and do a short check list on your motorcycle.

  1. Make sure your tires have good tread, aren’t dry rotted and have the correct air pressure in them.
  2. Visually check the thickness of your brakes and check brake fluid levels.
  3. Change Oil and Filter. Winter causes condensation to build up in your engine and it compromises your oil.
  4. Check Air Cleaner and clean or replace.
  5. Inspect your drive belt and primary chain tensions. Check primary case fluid level.
  6. Check Spark Plugs and Wires.

Remember: The love and Respect you give your motorcycle, will make your ride an enjoyable one. Most breakdowns are a result of forgotten maintenance. Stay on top of your maintenance and your bike will be dependable and will love you in return. It’s called Biker Karma.

Well my friends it 77 degrees outside and the highway is calling me. Ya’ll enjoy this fine weather and ride safely. The life you save …may be your own.

Happy Trails To You

Until We Meet Again


Support Your Local Watering Holes. A shout out to Wrights Grocery on the north side of the Dam at GRENADA LAKE. It’s a great Biker friendly stop if you plan on a ride around the lake. P.J. & Linda Lou have cold beverages and have a Bike Night on Wednesdays. If you’re in the area, stop on by and we’ll cruise around the lake.

Adios Ya’ll..!

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