Steel Horse Sisterhood Summit

Steel Horse Sisterhood Summit

by June 15, 2015

June 11 – 14, 2015   Loveland, Colorado
Hosted by: Joan Krenning
Lady Road Hog

The Steel Horse Sisterhood International Summit is a conference activity of lectures, workshops and demonstrations which meets annually for three to five days to assemble women motorcyclists in an atmosphere designed to promote and improve women’s social and economic standings & build confidence through shared passions while raising funds for charity.

The 2015 Summit is to be held in Northern Colorado due to the immense attraction of the Rocky Mountains for those who ride. It is scheduled to occur in Loveland, Colorado from 11- 14th June 2015 to allow acceptable weather conditions both there and across the United States and Canada for the attendees.

Women who share a common bond – the love of our countries, the love of riding and the love of our motorcycles whether they have just begun or are thinking of riding; ride “behind” and considering a change; or own their own and ride.

With exception to the lectures and presentations for the women of the SHS, men are most welcome to attend and may expect an increase in planned activities (Man Cave, Bike Show, Men’s Day Friday, etc) this year!

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