Steel Horse Sisterhood

Steel Horse Sisterhood

by April 28, 2015

Steel Horse Sisterhood
By: Joan Krenning
Loveland, Colorado

The Inspiration The inspiration for the Steel Horse Sisterhood and the Steel Horse Sisterhood summit came about in September of 2012 as a vision to rider and business owner Joan Krenning . “I remember the day like it was yesterday,” she says. In Joan’s words, here is how she received the inspiration and vision for theSteel Horse Sisterhood: “It was towards the end of September of 2012 when the first vision came for the Steel Horse Sisterhood. The thought (or voice as I refer to it) told me to create an account on Facebook with that name and then register the website I saw myself on a stage (which was a little nerve racking because I’d never spoken on a stage before) with motorcycle industry leaders Genevieve Schmitt, Laura Klock, Lisa Fedders Brouwer and Eldonna Lewis Fernandez. I also saw many faceless silhouettes of people. But that was all. No other explanation. I registered the names. On February 4, 2013, I began a 36-month motorcycle tour called Glory US-A Freedom Ride, an idea that had been brewing in my mind for months. My mission was simple: to promote the purchase of American-made products, to promote and preserve the American Bill of Rights and to inspire hope in others. Even while living in Canada, my promotion of the purchase of “Made in Canada” products spoke to my spirit of always encouraging others to buy local. My passion has always been to promote the “buy local” message for all. Being a patriot crosses all country lines. We live in one world. We are all connected. After 16,000 and 20 weeks into my ride, I recall the first question asked of me constantly: Am I alone? People are always amazed when I answer yes. While riding in Missouri this past June 2013, I experienced yet another spiritual awakening: that I knew in my heart that I wasn’t out here alone. Thousands of women were out here with me. Whether riding behind their husbands, riding solo, or riding with others in a group, thousands of women take to the open road each day for their love of riding. The Steel Horse Sisterhood was taking shape in my mind now as a collaboration of the life stories of women who ride, and what fuels their passion. “At the end of our lives what really matters is the answer to the question, ‘How well did we love?’ When we tap into the force of love, suddenly the unforgivable can be forgiven, the un-healable can be healed.” – Sara Stover This quote is the essence of the Steel Horse Sisterhood. Women who ride share a common bond: they love their country and their family, and they love riding their motorcycles. Women have the capacity for self-love insofar as they can give it away to then love deeply, and to love completely. The Steel Horse Sisterhood is more than a network of women who ride; I aim to inspire a spiritual connection among women around the shared bond of riding. Won’t you join us in this great adventure and be a part of the Steel Horse Sisterhood? I am so glad you are here! Joan Krenning Lady Road Dog

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