The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far

The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far

by June 15, 2015

Story by: Pastor T Lobell
Livingston, Louisiana

There is an old saying “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. I would very much like to think that this statement is true in my case.

Over the years I have shared the road with many different people from just about every walk of life. But the person I enjoy sharing a day of riding with the most, is my dad Arthur Lobell. He just celebrated his 76th birthday and he rides his recently acquired 2000 Road King just about every day.

I remember as a little boy, he would put me on the gas tank and away we would go. I remember my first crash. It happened when he laid the bike down taking off to fast and away I went skidding off into the grass.  I can still remember him telling me, “Don’t tell your mother.”

Over the years we have created many great memories, some in the mountains others in the swamp lands. But I must say that sharing the road with my father, dad and best friend, will last a lifetime.

So happy Father’s Day to all the dad’s out there. I pray you get to make some wonderful memories on two wheels if possible. Receive all blessings and I am glad this apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Thanks Dad for the ride.

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