The Little Angels Foundation TM

The Little Angels Foundation TM

by December 1, 2014

Story & Photos by: Shae Siears

Gonzales, LA 70707

lafIn June of 2012, Bobby Siears decided to close his cabinet shop of 25 years and build only caskets.  After making caskets for his brother-in-law and his father, Bobby felt that it was his calling to use his talent for something more meaningful. Shortly after the conversion of his shop, it was brought to Bobby’s attention that for families without sufficient funds, something comparable to a small Styrofoam ice chest is offered as the final place of rest for deceased infants. Saddened and appalled by this fact, Bobby decided to do everything in his power to ensure that every infant could be laid to rest in a loving everlasting embrace that would bring some peace and comfort to their families while also honoring the short life of their precious child. Considering the death of infants and children is often unexpected, the sad truth is that most families do not have the proper funds to cover funeral costs. Thus, The Little Angels Foundation was formed and is designed to assist parents who are facing the most difficult of all experiences-the loss of a child. Unarguably, the emotional devastation of such a loss should not be made worse by the cost of burial.  The Little Angels Foundation provides, free of charge, handmade caskets for children, premature to high school age, to families in their time of need. There are no financial, geographic, ethnic, or otherwise requirements to receive a casket from The Little Angels Foundation. Bobby’s main goal is to give precious little angels a loving final resting place.  Every casket is made by Bobby Siears. His impeccable skill and expertise allows for each casket to be handcrafted with great care into a beautiful work of art. The caskets are skillfully constructed with top quality cypress and hardware and lovingly embellished with The Little Angels logo, angel wings and a halo in the shape of a heart, stitched into the interior. Love and prayers are also interwoven into each casket.  As of September 2014, The Little Angels Foundation has donated 84 caskets for children nationwide; 76 across the state of Louisiana, 2 to Mississippi, 2 to Alabama, 1 to Kansas, 1 to South Carolina, 1 to Oklahoma, and 1 to California. Up to this point, The Little Angels Foundation has run largely on the personal account of its founder, Bobby Siears. Bobby answered God’s calling for him, and it is far greater than he ever could have imagined. He always says “This is bigger than me. All the glory goes to God.”  In order to fulfill the mission of our organization, we need the support of generous benefactors to ensure that the families of every infant, toddler, and child may be comforted by an everlasting embrace for their precious little angels.


Executive Director- Shae Siears

P: (225)439-3100


Web: and

Mailing Address: PO Box 1044 Gonzales, LA 70707


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