Trails of Mississippi

Trails of Mississippi

by April 28, 2015

Title: God Bless the American Veterans.

I would like to reach out and ask each person who reads Southern Steel Magazine to support the Veterans of the United States of America. The present Administration does not give the Veterans the support they deserve. It’s a fact I witness every time I go to the V.A. Hospital in Jackson. The hospital has a Metal Detector and a Police Security Team to Search your belongings and your body. This is not aimed at catching terrorists. It’s to screen for angry Veterans who might turn violent after they have been lied to and denied their Medical Benefits. Veterans are lied to every day. I was told for ten years that they don’t provide glasses for a non-service related disability. WRONG. My excellent Liver Doctor “MARY BURTON ” made sure I had my eyes tested and received a pair of glasses. I was supposed to receive a pair every two years but I was lied to. She also got me a dental appointment so I had a tooth pulled. I was lied to and was told you had to be 100% and I was only 80% so I did not qualify for dental. Wrong Again. I was lied to. Thank You Mary Burton for taking care of this old Veteran. These lies are handed to Veterans every day.

            If you could do this old Biker/Veteran a favor and if you meet a Veteran today, shake his hand and pat him on the back and say Thank You for Your Service. That may be the only Respect and appreciation he receives that day. Before you go to the VA Hospital know your rights. Contact your local V.F.W., your Legion Hall or Court House. They usually have a VA representative there several times a month to explain your benefits to you. Not long ago Sen. Trent Lott would go to congress and fight for veterans benefits. He retired and it’s time for another Mississippi Politician to step into his shoes and protect the rights and benefits that the American Veterans deserve. PLEASE look up your congressman and his phone number. Call him and tell him if he doesn’t support the Americas Veterans, YOU WILL NOT VOTE FOR HIM. If there are any Veteran Rally’s in your area, please give them your support. WOUNDED WARRIOR is one rally that helps wounded vets that don’t receive the care they should receive from the country that they defended with their lives on the line. Included are pictures of the bike raffled off last year.

Remember folks, support your local Veterans and Thank them for their service.


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