Trails of Mississippi

Trails of Mississippi

by October 2, 2014

Trails of Mississippi Story & Photos by: George Peace Grenada, Mississippi

Hello Brothers and Sisters in October’s issue I told you about a road trip I was taking to Michigan. It was for my High School Reunion. I had two good friends going with me, Bill Rouse and Philip Alldred, who turned out to be my Guardian Angels.

We had beautiful weather the morning we left Grenada Mississippi at 7:00 AM on September 24 and headed North on I 55. All was well until we hit Louisville Kentucky, when road construction & traffic slowed us down. The rough roads made my foot slide off the foot peg and slap the highway; I just thought I was getting tired. The next morning I felt great except for a nagging headache that had been bothering me for several weeks. We took off at 8:00 AM and rode into Imlay City Michigan about 6:00PM. I got off the bike and fell down on twice. We registered and got our rooms. Still hot from the road I decided to shower take a shower, bad idea, I fell three times & the last time I broke a rib on my left side. I still thought I was dehydrated and bikers are tough so I blew it off.

Since we had arrived early, we went to party with some old friends of mine on Friday. We stayed until 9:00pm and left early because I had a headache. Saturday we headed to a memorial for a brother who passed away. Somehow, I got lost and ran out of gas. I am glad I had that sidecar on because I fell off the bike onto the highway. A passing motorist called the police and when they pulled up, I was asked what was wrong, but before I could answer them, I fell in the ditch. They helped me up and I fell again. They decided to give me a Breathalyzer test, which I passed. They called road service and towed my bike to the restaurant where the reunion dinner was and I made it just in time. Later my memory began to fade and my balance became worse. The next morning I had trouble putting my boots on without falling. We left at 8:00 AM and I was getting worse. I kept driving into oncoming traffic. We drove about 100 miles and my Michigan. The Burgess Medical Center. At first, they thought it was a stroke but after a CAT scan, friends made me pull over and called the paramedics. They loaded me in an ambulance and took me to Kalamazoo they found out that I hit the back of my head 2 or 3 weeks before and the right side of my skull had filled up with blood and moved my brain 2 centimeters to the left. My doctor said I was lucky to be alive. They had to drill two holes in right side of my head and drain the blood .I spent 5 days in the hospital. My friends brought a truck & trailer up to Michigan, loaded my bike & sidecar & this old greasy biker up, and brought me home. I can’t drive for 3 weeks but I will have these whiskers in the wind again. Thank God for good friends and good surgeons.

Happy Trails Ya’ll