Two Tattooed Metal Necks

Two Tattooed Metal Necks

by January 10, 2015

Story & Photos by: Brittney C. Williams Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

On Wednesday November 19th it was a bitter cold day in Picayune, MS. The high was 50 degrees but the temperature didn’t come close to that. That evening most everyone I knew had plans of staying home wrapped up in a blanket on the couch. As for me and my husband, we were on our way to see the band WHISKEYDICK with a bunch of friends at our good friend Derek Decker’s house. The cold weather was not stopping us; we simply put on about three extra layers and went on our way.

I will be honest with you, I had only heard a few songs of WHISKEYDICK before going to this show, but trusting Derek, we knew we were going to have a great time. When we got there we were the first to arrive. We knew it would be an intimate show, but we were wondering how intimate at this point. As we stood and talked with the band a few more people started to show up. There ended up being ten of us in total. It was so cold now that we had only two options, stay close to the fire, or drink the cold away.

WHISKEYDICK started playing just inside the garage door with bikes on the lift and motors in the back drop. It was a pretty cool stage set up if you ask me. Everyone there was either singing along or dancing to the music. The majority of the crowd had no idea who WHISKEYDICK was prior to this show, but everyone there had the same thoughts running through their minds. “This band is badass!!” Every song they played related to someone there, or an experience we had all been through together. I couldn’t help but over hear a few saying “Damn, why haven’t I heard of this band before tonight?” Yes, they really are that good!!

When they finished their set everyone rushed over to buy at least one album and some of their merchandise they had for sale. When I had the opportunity to speak with Reverend and Fritz after the show, I had to ask how Derek was able to book such an awesome band at his own home. They told me it was as simple as Derek sending an email asking if they ever play in Mississippi. They just so happened to be in Alabama playing the last show in their 181 day tour and were looking for a place to play on their way home to Texas. They told him how much their booking fee was, and said to include a bottle of Jim Beam. Derek didn’t hesitate for a second. He gave him his address for the show and WHISKEYDICK put him down on the calendar.

If you ever hear of WHISKEYDICK playing in your area, be sure to go see their show. We all had an awesome time watching them play. Their music is top notch, Fritz is a damn good vocalist, and I have never seen anyone play the guitar as well as Reverend. Even with his frozen fingers! I can say without a doubt everyone there that night became a big fan if they weren’t already, and if you check out some of their music or go see a show, you will not be disappointed.

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