Watch out for Clifford Gibson Texas; he will run you over

Watch out for Clifford Gibson Texas; he will run you over

by June 15, 2015

Story & photos by: Constance M. Drew
Round Rock, Texas

“Watch out for cars, they will run you over” is what Clifford Gibson of Odessa Texas ranted towards motorcyclists on his Facebook page on May 6th. Within minutes, his moronic words went viral and I watched his page as he attempted to back paddle. He claimed that he himself had run off the road earlier that morning to avoid a motorcyclist; oddly with no mention of it in his first post. B.S, I say! He stepped deeper into it when he went on to say he had met Jr. Yanez of Odessa (killed in a motorcycle accident just two weeks earlier) and what a cool dude he was. Folks were outraged at his brazen threat and encouragement for people to disregard motorcyclists except maybe on weekends. I literally watched over two thousand comments to various group posts come hit in a matter of hours.

I contacted his employer a few days later to confirm whether he was still employed with them. The woman I spoke with would neither confirm nor deny but did state that she felt his post had been taken out of context, that he was a really nice man. I told her I didn’t see how we could take it any other way than disrespect and a blatant threat. I explained to her that this came on the tail of fresh wounds with two local motorcyclists being killed in accidents just weeks before; her comment was “people are killed on motorcycles everyday and after all, he put his truck in a ditch to avoid one that morning”. I became a tad heated, regained my composure and asked a few more questions. She stated that within two days, they had received around 400 phone calls from the United States and Germany. The business had received several Facebook posts regarding Mr. Gibson and numerous drive bys of bikers.

So, bikers beware of the Clifford Gibsons out there…when attitudes like his spread, you will be run over.



Drivers and motorcyclists can significantly reduce their chances of being involved in a serious or fatal crash by adhering to basic safety measures. Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) suggests the following:

  1. Perform a visual check for motorcycles by checking mirrors and blind spots before entering or exiting a lane of traffic, and at intersections.
  2. Always signal your intentions before changing lanes or merging with traffic.
  3. Allow more following distance – three or four seconds – when behind a motorcycle, so the motorcyclist has enough time to maneuver or stop in an emergency.
  4. Never tailgate. In dry conditions, motorcycles can stop more quickly than cars.
  5. Never drive while distracted.


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