Wax On..Wax Off

Wax On..Wax Off

by August 4, 2014

car-216185Although it is common knowledge that waxing your car is important to keeping a fine finish on a paint job, knowing why is just as important. Paint jobs should last about 3-4 years regardless if it is from out the factory or brought to a profes­sional shop or dealership. Right now, the industry standard of professional care on paint jobs have been “Carnauba Wax”. This wax is exported from Brazil and considered to be the best substance to apply to a paint job if you want it to truly stand out. Although Carnauba is the best, waxing at least 3 times a year is recommended with any wax.

Without applying wax, a paint job can easily fall prey to the elements and last as little as 2 years. Over time the sun beats down rays of heat that make paint porous and separates the finish. Waxes put the oils back into the paint job by filling gaps and bringing richness back to the pigmentation. It is impor­tant to make sure ALL areas of the paint job are waxed, including door jams, under the hood and fender, as well as any place where paint is present. Forgetting to wax these areas can create rust and grime that eventually ruin these areas and deteriorate the vehicle/motorcycle as a whole.

People who have white paint or metallic colors are most at risk of their paint job fading. White paint simply cannot handle the heavy being constantly reflected from its surface, while high metallic colors act like micro mirrors, constantly reflecting the sun and eating the top coating of the clear finish. Take care of your vehicle! And wax often.

By Jerald Medina