What’s Wrong with the Biker Community?

What’s Wrong with the Biker Community?

by April 28, 2015

What’s Wrong with the Biker Community?
Story by: Rusty “Shakedown” Harrison
Hobbs, New Mexico

Constance M. Drew (publisher)
This is a story that was sent to me by Shakedown in October. He and I had been chatting just days before his untimely death in March about him coming aboard Southern Steel as one of our featured writers. This one is in honor of you my brother. RIP

What happened to the days when being a biker meant something? When community and love for one’s brother were the foremost of the club? When the love of riding is what brought your club together. Where did the pride and loyalty for one’s club take a back burner to self center egos??

As I ride around from clubhouse to clubhouse I sit back and just watch as the clubs tear themselves apart.  When did it become acceptable to allow a man that you consider your brother, which you say you love as family, to climb onto his bike and ride off after spending all night at your clubhouse pounding back beers?

If you truly loved him you would ensure he made it home safe.   And when I ask about this I get the “I’m not his keeper” well yes you are. From the moment you pick up that patch till the last breath you will ever take that man is and will always be your brother. If you don’t believe that then why would you call a man your brother to his face and bad mouth him as soon as he’s gone?  Love is love and loyalty is loyalty for one’s brother, no matter if they are standing in front of you or are 100 miles away.

What happened to the community involvement?  Don’t get me wrong, I still see clubs show up for the annual toy run, but when’s the last time you rode in a charity ride for someone you didn’t know?  Just a total stranger that fell on hard times and needs a little help?  You don’t and when asked why “it’s because they’re not one of us” but they are part of you. They are the community that you live and work in. The community where your kids go to school a place that should be safe and secure. Clubs talk about respect. Respect is the most important thing for a club to obtain from the community. And how do we obtain that by turning our backs on the people that need us the most, and hiding out in our clubhouse drinking and ignoring the rest of the world? Or do we go out there and help the less fortunate and support local charities.

This article is not intended to bad mouth any club.  But as you read this if it upsets you in anyway then maybe just maybe you should step back and take a real hard long look at your club and decide, is this what me and my club are about, and if it is are you going to be that man that changes the path of your clubs to earn that respect and loyalty from the community and your brothers?…..