Why I Love Motorcycles

Why I Love Motorcycles

by January 10, 2015

Story & Photos by: George Peace Grenada, Mississippi

Good News, I Survived the Holidays; the traffic, the herds of people shopping in the stores and the constant bombardment of commercialism that takes the fun out CHRISTMAS. But all the CHRISTMAS Parades put a smile on my face. M.A.C. (Motorcycle Awareness Campaign) had a Float entered in eight different parades this year. We came in 2nd place in non- commercial, in PONTATOC, Ms. We took most creative in CALHOUN CITY, Ms. We also were in GRENADA , WINONA , BRUCE, , WATER VALLEY , BATESVILLE and BIG CREEK . The best part is bringing Awareness to the Public, LOOK TWICE And SAVE A LIFE, is the slogan. We do throw candy out to the kids and some parades let us escort the float with our motorcycles. It’s a slow ride, but all the smiling children make it all worthwhile.

The reason I am a member of M.A.C. is because I Love Motorcycles. This addiction started at a very early. I was 3 months old, when I had my first ride in a sidecar. My father had never owned a car, until I was born. He always rode motorcycles until then. My mom (Norma Peace) made him buy a car, so they could bring me home from the hospital. My father was in a St. Louis, Mo, motorcycle club called the Shooting Stars. I’m in club photos at 2 years old with my black T shirt & Blue Jeans on. I hadn’t changed much since then. I just got bigger & tattooed and my hair is longer. Motorcycles always excited me from the thunder (they even had straight pipes way back then) to the blue tint on the chrome exhaust pipes. They always fascinated me and still do. I have a 1998 Wide Glide and a 2002 Wide Glide with a sidecar. It must be a Family Tradition and they sure are cool. I Love the Freedom and excitement a motorcycle creates in my Heart. It is dangerous, and if you ride, chances are, sooner or later you will be hurt. Road rash is common and broken bones are possible. Freedom isn’t Cheap. I’ve had a broken arm, road rash, fractured pelvis, bruised liver and messed up 3 discs in my back. But I still ride and when I do, I wear a big smile on my face because I’m in the wind and to me that is the greatest feeling in the world! I’m 63 years young and still rolling down the Highway. I feel truly Blessed. That Is Why I Ride Motorcycles. I would like to thank Dennis & Darlene Hancock for all the energy & hard work they put in the M.A.C. Float. I would like to Thank SYL & Norma Peace for creating this Long Haired, Tattooed, Bearded, and Motorcycle Loving Biker.

Ya’ll Ride Free & Be Safe Happy Trails Until We Meet Again…